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At Family First Eye Care, you can expect a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your eye care needs. Whether you require routine eye exams, contact lens fittings, or treatment for specific eye conditions, our experienced doctors are well-equipped to assist you. We strive to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in optometry to provide you with the best visual outcomes. Additionally, our friendly staff creates a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that you and your entire family feel comfortable throughout your visit. By prioritizing your eye health and delivering exceptional care, Family First Eye Care aims to be your trusted partner in maintaining optimal vision. Don't hesitate to schedule your appointment today and experience our commitment to excellence firsthand!

About Us


  • Comprehensive Eye Examinations

  • Contact Lens Evaluations   

  • Pediatric Examinations

  • Emergency Eye Services

    • Red Eye Evaluations

    • Foreign Body Removal 

    • Ocular Trauma 

    • Eye Infections 

  • LASIK Co-Management

  • Medical Eye Examinations

    • Diabetic Retinopathy

    • Hypertensive Retinopathy

    • Macular Degeneration

    • Glaucoma 

    • Dry Eye

    • Cataracts

    • Ocular Allergies 

Retinal Digital Camera

As part of your comprehensive eye exam, our doctors highly recommend a diagnostic procedure called Wellness Retinal Imaging. This painless and non-invasive procedure uses an advanced digital photography to document the important anatomical structures in the back of the eye (the retina) without the use of dilating drops. Annual retinal imaging can result in early detection and diagnosis of abnormal conditions such as Glaucoma, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Macular Degeneration, and other Retinal problems. This new technology may reduce the risk of sight-threatening eye diseases that many times go undetected and may help prevent irreversible vision loss. 



Our mission is to provide you with the latest technology in eye care, we now can measure your eye pressure without the use of the air puff test. Introduce the iCare Tonometer. 

Our Services


We accept a wide variety of insurance carriers. Take a look below to see a list of insurance plans we accept. 

Don't see your insurance company here? Please contact us and we'll happily check to see if we can work with your insurance provider. 

Our Team


Dr. Tuyen T. Pham

Dr. Tuyen Pham is a native DFW resident and truly considers the DFW area as her heart and home.  Her professional journey to earn her Doctor of Optometry degree has allowed her the opportunity to reside in and explore different cities and states. She acquired her Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Houston College of Optometry in Houston, Texas and completed her clinical rotations training at NSU College of Optometry in Oklahoma and the VA Hospital in New Mexico. Though she is grateful to have had the opportunity to explore different cities and states during her professional training and career, she has always had a deep yearning to return back to her Dallas roots and this came to fruition when she moved back home in 2012. 


With a sincere commitment to providing the best professional eye care, Dr. Pham is passionate about the overall experience each patient has while under her care. Using her extensive years of experience as an optometrist and her thorough understanding of the human eye, Dr. Pham spends a great deal of time with her patients – explaining how various eye conditions can affect the overall health of the eye, and how glasses or contact lenses can help correct vision problems.

Dr. Tuyen Pham is a licensed therapeutic optometrist and glaucoma specialist with many years of professional experience and has worked for a range of optometrist practices and thereby gaining valuable insights on treating the many different conditions of the eye. Throughout her professional career, she has treated various eye diseases, conducted pediatric exams, and cared for numerous contact lens patients and co-managed cataract and LASIK patients. She is a member of the Texas Optometric Association and Northeast Texas Optometric Society.

When Dr. Pham is not at work serving her patients and community, she enjoys spending time with her husband and raising their three rambunctious sons in Allen, Texas.  Some of her hobbies include volunteering at her church, cooking and outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking. 



Patient Care Assistant

Meet Leslie, your friendly and compassionate Patient Care Assistant, always welcoming you with a warm smile. Leslie can assist you with insurance queries and appointment bookings, ensuring a smooth healthcare experience.


Beyond work, she enjoys shopping and spontaneous adventures, adding excitement to life. Family holds a special place in her heart, as she is deeply family-oriented and frequently hosts gatherings, fostering close bonds. Her dedication to both patients and her personal life reflects a commitment to spreading positivity and care wherever she goes.

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Optometric Technician

Meet Zuri, our dedicated optometric technician, known for her sweet and soft-spoken nature. She takes charge of all pretesting procedures, ensuring your visit with our doctors is seamless and comprehensive.


In her leisure time, Zuri finds joy in shopping, swimming, and quality time with her family. Her heart also belongs to her beloved dogs, Bambi and Bella, whom she adores playing with. Zuri's commitment to work and her passion for life's simple pleasures make her a valued team member and a delightful presence for our patients.


Optometric Technician

Introducing Kinley, a genuine team player who works harmoniously with our team to assist you with pretesting procedures before meeting our doctors. Her personal journey with vision challenges drives her passion to help others feel less anxious about getting an eye exam.


Kinley finds joy in spending quality time with family, indulging in activities like ice skating, watching movies, and exploring new places. At home, she shares her life with two beloved dogs, Sunny and Sky. Kinley is currently a dedicated full-time student at UNT, with aspirations to attend optometry school upon graduation and eventually establish her own practice as an optometrist.

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Phone: (972) 632 - 6352

Fax: (469) 634 -1121

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